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These days most people integrate their regular life with their online life. Their online social life is just as important and as vulnerable as their real life. There has been several publicized cases of children being harassed “online” to such a point that it caused them to commit suicide. Many more cases have been publicized about people making dumb posts in form of texts or pictures that have literally ruined their lives or lives of other people who were mentioned in those comments or appeared in the pictures. Dick picks and racist comments have caused celebrities to lose their jobs and politicians their office. While people will always make mistakes, we should not have to live in a world where one or a few stupid comments or pictures posted online should destroy someone’s real life and cause them unemployment, slander, harassment and harm.

Think of Social Indemnity a security alarm on your house. if there is a burglar in town, will he attempt to rob a house with a sign in the front yard reading “this house is being monitored 24/7 by the police” or a house that doesn’t have that sign.

Has this happened to you?:

You posted something online and someone reposted your comment out of content which has caused you to lose face with your peers?

Your ex posted a sexual or humiliating picture or video of you online?

Something you posted online has caused an individual or group to harass you online persistently, to a point of annoyance, discomfort and fear?

An individual or group is posting falls information about you online, causing you harm in real life?

Worry no longer. just tell that person or group you are covered by Social Indemnity, and if they don’t stop immediately and retract their negative posts about you, file a claim with us.¬†Once a claim has been filed, we work to investigate the incident(s), contact the perpetrator(s) and take any necessary legal action against them¬†