About Us

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Social Indemnity provides peace of mind knowing that if you or your loved ones are a victim of cyber bullying, social media harassment or online libel, we will fight to restore your good name.

Social Indemnity provides its clients with an insurance against any illegal and dangerous online activity. We hope that by simply having our coverage presented on your social profile would deter most perpetrators from messing with you but if someone does take inappropriate actions against your online and social life, we will be there to stop them. Once you file a claim, we work to investigate the incident(s), contact the perpetrator(s) and take any necessary legal action against them.  

Whether you are a famous celebrity or part of the 99%, your online social image is one of the most important things you want to maintain to its highest standard and value. We Protect social profile by providing high quality legal support who will fight on your behalf, persecute your harassers, and provide financial compensation for emotional, physical and social damages.